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Nancy Key Roeder


September 2015:
Release of new book, Desert Daughter

 Going to the Well News

Going to the Well has been read into the Colorado Talking Books Library. CTBL is part of a national network of libraries that partner with The Library of Congress to deliver services to the print-disabled. It is now available for sight-impaired people in Colorado.  Information on how to download may be found at


Nancy answers some frequently asked questions about her book. To make a comment or obtain further information, you may email her at

You call Going to the Well: A Mother-Daughter Journey a  “double memoir.” Why did you choose that format for your book?

NR: The format really chose me.  All along, I planned for the book to be told in my mother’s voice as it came through in the taped interviews. But when I started framing and then writing the story, I realized that it was my journey, too, toward a new relationship with my mother. So, the book evolved into my memoir folded into hers.

Who is the intended audience for your book?

NR: Anyone who is interested in parent-child relationships. Early on, I envisioned that mature women would be the target audience. I have been surprised and pleased that men seem to like it, also, as do younger women who are daughters.

What are some of the responses you’ve had from readers?

NR: I have been humbled and pleased by the favorable response to the book. Some have expressed admiration for its universal story of overcoming adversity. Others have expressed a wish that they had interviewed one or both of their parents to gain an in-depth understanding of their struggles and triumphs. Still others call it a “page turner,” while some have told me they enjoyed my personal reflections on incidents and events.

Are you writing, or planning to write, another book? If so, what topic?

NR: I hope to write another book. I want to tell the story of my relationship with my charming but narcissistic and religiously addicted father.  I’m also launching another interview project – this time with a friend who grew up with a mother with multiple personalities.

Going to the Well is now available for sight-impaired people in Colorado.             
    Information on how to download
    may be  found at