Going to the Well: A Mother-Daughter Journey


by Nancy Key Roeder


Going to the Well by Nancy Key Roeder book cover

How does a daughter get to know and understand her mother? The closest bond of any two women is that of mother-daughter. Yet, this relationship often suffers over time from misunderstandings, anger and resentment.

Searching for a way to reconcile past mother-daughter wounds, Nancy Roeder and her mother launched a series of taped interviews that extended over sixteen years.

In her mother’s voice are vivid recollections of rural life in the early 1900’s, of a family saga filled with sadness and shame, poverty and fear-based religion. As her mother recounts the efforts to overcome her past, she offers insights into steps she took toward mental and spiritual health.

Going to the Well is a powerful and moving double memoir, unfolding as a journey of hope for those who have experienced shattered relationships, offering a path to redemption.



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ISBN: 978-1-935514-16-9

232 pages, $18.95

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What the Reviewers Say

"... a creative and poetic chronicle that seeks to find the real person hidden within her mother’s history experienced during a bygone American era.”

      Robert T. Latham, author, A Tale of Boxes

"...authentically captured and beautifully recounted … offers universal insight into women’s lives…”

      Marsha Willis, author, The Ethan Chronicles

" … A mother-daughter story unlike any other … an inspiring search for self, sanity and true spiritual identity.”

     Jeanette Keil, author, Invitation to Wellness

“...could not help wishing that I had my mother or father on tape telling me the details of our family’s struggles and successes.”

     John Fink, Ph.D., Ball State University